Offering Effective Professional Counselling via Video Counselling (Skype or Vsee), Phone or E-mail.

Pandemic restrictions should not restrict your access to counselling services. E-therapy is as effective as in-person therapy – You do not need to suffer alone. From the comfort and privacy of your home, you can get the support you need through online counselling by video, phone or email.

Video Counselling: How Does it Work?

  • Skype: Basic Skype is free to download and run on a MAC or PC. Video calling requires a web camera and you will need to add alisa.charach to your Skype contacts before I can call you.
  • VSee: Vsee is a secure, confidential, HIPPA compliant means of delivering¬† video counselling. It is a free application that you can download.

Phone Sessions: How Does it Work?

If you prefer to communicate by telephone, phone sessions are easy and convenient. Simply book your appointment by e-mail or phone and I will call you at the pre-arranged time.

Email: How Does it Work?

We will communicate through a series of secure email exchanges through Hushmail. You will send me an e-mail outlining your concerns and I will e-mail you back within 24 hours (Monday- Friday). In between exchanges you will have time to reflect. It is preferred by those who appreciate the power of writing, the sense of anonymity and opportunity for reflection.

Fees are prorated at my regular hourly rate.

What Clients Like About Online Counselling

  • Access: You can communicate with me whenever you feel like it without the time and expense of travel.
  • Privacy and Security Encryption: You have the option to communicate through Vsee or Skype, offering secure technology and keeping all conversations confidential.
  • Anonymity: If you are uncomfortable in a face-to-face environment or have difficulties sharing personal information in general, this format can be far less inhibiting and thus more helpful to you.

Please Note: Web based counselling is not for everyone. If you are in crisis or experiencing suicidal or homicidal thoughts please go to your nearest hospital emergency or crisis resource.

Appropriate, safe and effective means of delivering online counselling services can be assessed at Intake.